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How To Make Your Business A Mission-Driven Space For The Community

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Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen founders Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan were intentional in creating a mission-driven space. The Hilltop team (including entrepreneur/entertainer Issa Rae) consistently exceeds guest expectations with welcoming community spaces and family-like hospitality.

Watch now to learn about creating a place for the community, why to use new restaurant technology, and how coffee is a ritual.

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[01:13] - The Hilltop Coffee Story
[05:35] - More Than A Coffee Shop
[08:40] - Giving Back to Community
[13:16] - Working With Issa Rae
[16:49] - Living In A Storytelling World


Episode Links:
Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen: https://www.findyourhilltop.com/

Hilltop on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/findyourhilltop

Nation’s Restaurant News Article on Hilltop Coffee: https://www.nrn.com/emerging-chains/hilltop-coffee-kitchen-thrives-its-welcoming-vibe

Watch Shawn Walchef at Hilltop Coffee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVAOMz5penE


Fast Facts:

82 percent of consumers want a brand’s values to align with their own.
Source: https://bit.ly/3T6OhSy
73 percent of diners say restaurant tech improves their experience.
Source: https://bit.ly/3uNkG6y
$6 is the average amount guests spend per beverage at cafes and coffee shops.
Source: https://bit.ly/3RefFvm
29 percent of restaurant operators want to open a new location next year.
Source: https://bit.ly/3GwPbQE
37 percent of diners use social media to find new places to eat.
Source: https://bit.ly/4abtuDe



Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is a restaurant and coffee shop with multiple locations in the Los Angeles area, which encourages patrons to Find Your Hilltop and Keep Climbing. The company was founded by Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan. Their partner is entrepreneur and entertainer Issa Rae. They take pride in creating fun environments for people to connect with each other and themselves.

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen Links: www.linkin.bio/findyourhilltop


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