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The truth about hypervigilance

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Complete transcript:
The Truth about hypervigilance

If you grew up in a home where your parents yelled a lot and fought a lot and you never knew if things were good or bad.

You ended up looking outside of yourself a lot of the time. You probably become hyper-aware of changes in people's behaviors in their moods and their tones of voice.

Because as a kid you had the job of making sure that everyone around you felt better or was okay. And now as an adult, you probably are still focused on other people to keep yourself safe.

This is why so many of us struggle with social events and have social anxiety. When we're in a group of people, all of our energy is spent attuning to or worrying about what other people are thinking or what they're perceiving about us. Instead of attuning to our own internal world and actually connecting with other people.

This is why so many of us feel exhausted when we get home after interacting socially. Almost feel like we need time to recover or why some of us only feel at ease or able to relax when we're alone and no one's around to judge us.
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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