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Bridging the Gap: Building Inclusivity through Collaborative Research | Inclusive Leadership Summit

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It has been widely acknowledged that there is a gap between the way research and scholarship from academia is understood and utilized in industry. However, effective collaborations between academia and industry have the potential of boosting economic growth and the strategic development of organizations. When educational institutions and industry merge, both have the opportunity to create a substantial and sustainable win-win situation for all. In this panel discussion, panelists will highlight four DEIB-related, collaborative projects designed to strengthen the bridge between academia and industry.

Featuring panel of experienced practitioners:
-Dr. Rodney Luster, Senior Director of Research Strategy, Innovation, and Development for the College of Doctoral Studies at University of Phoenix: https://bit.ly/3QU9Wd4
-Dr. Christa Banton, Faculty & Research Fellow, University of Phoenix: https://bit.ly/3NCANHE
-Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Perry, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research at University of Phoenix: https://bit.ly/3I9uTNi
-Dr. Kimberly Underwood, University Research Chair for the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research at University of Phoenix: https://bit.ly/3ysmi4S
-Dr. Joy Taylor, Faculty and Research Fellow, University of Phoenix: https://bit.ly/3ORcU07

-2022 Career Optimism Index™ Shows Significant Gap Between Employee Realities and Employer Perceptions, Highlights Actions Needed to Move Beyond the Great Resignation: https://bit.ly/3a8saab
-Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research: https://bit.ly/3OyTeON

The Inclusive Leadership Summit (https://www.phoenix.edu/equity-and-diversity/inclusive-leadership-summit.html) is committed to fostering an atmosphere of life-long learning as we explore and address systemic inequities to inform and impact an ever-changing workforce. The summit integrates research findings from University of Phoenix Career Institute™ and Research Centers to influence topics addressed while highlighting academic fields of study offered at the University.

University of Phoenix (https://www.phoenix.edu/) has long been focused on creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive and belonging (DEIB) learning and workplace environment. We seek to foster a space where we can share and reflect on what we have learned, our successes, and focus on opportunities to further our DEIB growth and potential as well as that of our communities where we teach, learn, live and work.

The #UOPXInclusive Leadership Summit is supported by:
-Diverse Issues in Higher Education: https://www.diverseeducation.com/
-ETS: https://www.ets.org/caap
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