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Betty's Dill Chicken with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce -- Super Bowl

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Betty demonstrates how to make Dill Chicken Strips with Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce. These make a great entrée for a Super Bowl party. They have just a hint of dill and a flavorful dipping sauce.

Dill Chicken Strips with Honey-Mustard Dressing
2 pounds boneless chicken strips, uncooked
1 cup dill pickle juice
1 ½ cups milk, divided
1 egg
1 ¼ cup all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon confectioner’s sugar (This is the same as powdered sugar or icing sugar.)
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup peanut oil, or as needed, for frying
Betty’s Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce/Salad Dressing, which is in Betty’s Kitchen:
In a gallon-sized Zip Lock bag, combine pickle juice and ½ cup milk. Add chicken strips. Seal tightly and refrigerate overnight. The next day, use tongs to remove marinated chicken strips from Zip-Lock bag and drain on a wire rack over a baking pan. While the chicken is draining, whisk together the egg with the remaining 1 cup of milk in a large bowl. Place the drained chicken strips in the egg/milk mixture. Gently toss to combine. Drain excess egg/milk mixture. In a gallon-sized Zip-Lock bag, combine flour, confectioner’s sugar, salt, and pepper. Shake well. Add the drained chicken strips to the bag of flour mixture. Shake well, to coat all of the outside of the chicken strips. Heat peanut oil to 350 degrees (F) in a large skillet. Use tongs to add chicken strips to the hot oil. Cook chicken until golden and crisp, about 2 or 3 minutes per side, turning once during the middle of cooking. When done, transfer to a platter lined with paper toweling to drain. When drained, place Dill Chicken Strips on a nice serving platter. Serve with Betty’s Honey-Mustard Dipping Sauce/Salad Dressing. This is a delicious combination that is always a hit! Enjoy! --Betty 
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