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Dawn Of The Delts! Shoulders & Traps! - Muscle Gain

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Looking for that next shoulders and traps routine that is going to turn your shoulders to boulders and your neck into a mountaintop? Then "Dawn Of The Delts" is what you have been waiting for! Once again, we are starting off with a heavy 5x5 to increase our overall upper body "push" strength and then going into the workout feeling a bit pre-exhausted, but ready to TEAR IT UP! Be sure to focus on proper form and use absolutely NO MOMENTUM during each exercise. Focus on your mind-muscle connection and really feel the burn during your reps. Hit it hard Nation! #HTH #SHFAthlete

(0:28)- BEASTMODE Biceps!

(0:28)- Tricked Out Triceps!

(1:04)- Routine sets & reps

(1:13)- Shoulders
(1:14)- Standing Barbell Overhead Press (5 sets: 5 reps)
(4:33)- Barbell Front Raise (3 sets: 8 -- 10 reps)
(5:10)- Dumbbell Lateral Raise (3 sets: 8 -- 10 reps)
(5:49)- Seated Reverse Fly (3 sets: 8 -- 10 reps)

(6:22)- TRAPS
(6:51)- Barbell Shrug (3 sets: 8 -- 10 reps) -- 1 Burnout Set (20 reps)
(8:04)- Barbell Upright Row (3 sets: 8 -- 10 reps)
(8:31)- Face Pull (3 sets: 8 -- 10 reps)

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